mvMotionAI Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
mvActionLoaderListList of factories which create instances of mvBaseActions depending on the mvOptionEnum key provided
mvBaseActionInterface/Abstract class for creating user-defined behaviours or actions
mvBaseActionLoaderInterface/Abstract class for class factories that create user-defined behaviours/actions
mvBaseForceInterface/abstract class for creating user-defined forces
mvBaseForceLoaderInterface/abstract class for factory that create user-defined forces via mvOptionEnum key
mvBehaviourGlobal behaviour that all bodies can use
mvBehaviourResultInterface for returning result of operations in mvBaseAction
mvBodyThis class represents the moving objects within the system
mvCreateEvasionsDerived mvBaseActionLoader - creates mvEvasion
mvCreateFleesDerived mvBaseActionLoader - creates mvFlee
mvCreatePathFollowerDerived mvBaseActionLoader - creates mvSeek
mvCreatePursuitsDerived mvBaseActionLoader - creates mvPursuit
mvCreateSeeksDerived mvBaseActionLoader - creates mvSeek
mvEntryListA list of behaviours & actions that belongs to a particular mvBody
mvEvasionDerived mvBaseAction - randomly moves away from a moving body
mvFleeDerived mvBaseAction - move away from a waypoint
mvFollowPathDerived mvBaseAction - moves the mvBody around the mvPathway
mvForceLoaderListList of factories which create instances of mvBaseForces depending on the mvOptionEnum key provided
mvForceResultClass for storing results of operations of derived mvBaseForce classes
mvForceStatusA status class that tells the system integrator how a mvBaseForce affects a mvBody (i.e. HOW) and the situations when the mvBaseForce is valid or invalid (i.e. WHEN)
mvGravityForceDerived mvBaseForce - applies gravity to bodies
mvGravityForceLoaderDerived mvBaseForceLoader - creates mvGravityForce
mvGroupSet of unique indexes referring to mvMotionAI objects
mvGroupBehaviourA cooperative behaviour between groups of objects
mvGroupBehaviourResultA module for retrieving global variables
mvGroupIteratorFor navigating the mvGroup object
mvGroupMemberNodeA class of member and its mvEntryListNode index related to the mvGroupBehaviour
mvGroupNodeMemberListA list of current members inside a group and the mvEntryListNode related to the mvGroupBehaviour
mvNewBaseActionInfoStatus class which describes the situation when an instance is created for the user
mvObstacleStatic objects that the bodies (mvBody) should avoid (NOT IMPLEMENTED)
mvPathwayAn ordered list of indexes belonging to mvMotionAI objects
mvPursuitDerived mvBaseAction - chases after another body
mvSeekDerived mvBaseAction - move towards a waypoint
mvShapeClass for holding shape related variables
mvUniformAccelForceDerived mvBaseForce - applies uniform acceleration to bodies
mvUniformAccelForceLoaderDerived mvBaseForceLoader - creates mvUniformAccelForce
mvVec3Vector class used in mvMotionAI library for 3D motion
mvWaypointA point/volume in mvMotionAI space
mvWorldThe main class which controls all other objects within the mvMotionAI library

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