Motion AI (mvMotionAI) - movement based artificial intelligence for 3D objects



Basic motion/velocity integrator library for 3D worlds with basic behaviours for C++ programs. An important part is the scripting capabilities which allows easy file loading of AI settings. Currently the script library Lua is used and is open source under the MIT license.

mvMotionAI is a C/C++ & Lua based artificial intelligence module dealing with motion type actions such as one body follow another or moving towards a single point. These types of actions are referred as steering behaviours. As well as these common behaviours, this library uses a scripting language, so the various settings of each behaviour can be changed without recompiling the program.

mvMotionAI uses a OpenGL function interface, as most of the functions in the library have a prefix of 'mv'. The main class in the library is the mvWorld, which contains all of the minor classes. mvWorlds contain mvForce (gravity, wind, direction pull), mvObstacles (non-moving objects which are not yet implemented), mvWaypoints (points or markers in the world).

In the library, each moving item such as a car, a bird or person is represented as a mvBody. Each mvBody has various properties such as its position, maximum speed, direction in the world. These bodies can be grouped together. Some of the behaviour (or mvBaseActions) has been been written in the library and now in version 00-02-00+ there is a feature in the library which allows completely new user-defined behaviours to added at compile time (but not yet run-time).


Current installation method:

Compile source code with own projects, with Lua 5.1 library modules.

Future installation

To use the library with a project, there must be a STL (such as vector, list and sets) implementation along with the C++ compiler.

To incorporate the mvMotionAI library, only one file/line is needed to be included/declared in your code.

#include <mv/mvMotionAI.h>

To build a shared library, add the flag MV_BUILD_DLL to compiler process.

To build a static library, leave out the MV_BUILD_DLL flag when compiling.

Current Progress in library module

(ver 00-02-25 : date 18/10/07) Adding more documentation in mvMotionAI C interface.

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